Winning VS Learning

Winning VS Learning

A bright yet beautiful sun rises up, shines brightly into your room. As your eyes open slowly, you’ll head to the bathroom first to wash up, get dressed and what’s next? The game officially begins! Life is a game where you set your daily goals and achievements. By the end of the day, the results show whether you won or lost the game. Another way to interpret is whether you achieved your daily goals. If you win, congratulations, otherwise, try again. The game is over only when you give up or leaving this planet. Every game whether is sports, business, contest, games, or even in communications, there is a winner and loser. Who would you rather be, a winner or loser? But what it takes to be a winner? What is lacking for those who lost? Both equally work hard and made timeless efforts and sacrifices, thus what is it?

There is a saying “May the best man win!” but how do you justify that statement? Does it mean that one individual fights to the fullest; giving everything he got and become the last man standing? Yes and no because not only he is striving for the win, but the hunger of winning it. Having said that, many that fell in the losing position took the poison within themselves. Some losers adapt their lost with multiple negative emotions like depression, failure, distraught, anger, resentful, cheated, inadequate, anxious and frustrated. Here is a choice; you can choose the other angle where you don’t demotivate one self. Instead, convert yourself from being a loser to a learner. Even if you fail, it doesn’t mean is the end of the era, is actually the beginning where you had created the awareness.

Winners have positive emotions like confident, happy, superior, satisfied, vindicated, humble or even showing sympathy for the loser. As the world is unique and different, look at the positive angle and avoid the poison angle. Once you lost the game, it shows you there are rooms of improvements where you currently stand and how high are you going to climb up to achieve the gold. Coming back to the question earlier, what it takes to be winners of the game? Winners were once losers before, but they never accept it as a lost, they accept it as growth. The game you play is not just about hard work and overcoming those mistakes, but it is about building consistency and taking risks. Find new ways and methods to develop and learn to overcome problems or enhance it to be better than you were before. “Winner never quits and quitters never win.”

Sports & Games

Every athlete or player who competes in competitions made time sacrifices and effort to practice, leaving tons of sweats and pain to win the game. But does hard work pays the price or it requires some luck along the way? Luck is only a small essential but is never enough to win the game. Your biggest competition is not other players; the only competitor you need to challenge is yourself. Whenever you walk into the training centre, you ought to be challenging yourself who you were yesterday. Be the better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. Everyday is a learning curve and success never occurs overnight. It takes a great amount of time or people called it stepping-stones. When you walk into the centre or field, be laser focus on yourself and give it all you have without holding back.


Which pizza franchise restaurant do you prefer to eat, Pizza Hut or Domino’s pizza? In businesses, there are plenty of competitions in every field and industry. But how do you compete with them? Before that, first start looking deeply into your own business background and acknowledge what is lacking or needed room for improvements. Whether is the operation, production, marketing, customer service, team management or yourself, surely improvements is needed. Follow your own beliefs and never imitate and compare with others. Learn from your competitors and follow the trend but be different simultaneously. Like what we cover about growth, everyone is unique and special which also includes businesses. But never limit yourself within your own zone, explore more opportunities outside the business field and something unique may sparkle along the way. It applies in dancing and music too, expand your creativity and willing to the risk to be different.

In summary, never look down in yourself and face the defeat. Nobody is perfect in life. Rise back up, learn from your mistakes and be the better person that you are today than you were yesterday.



  1. Look back at what you want to achieve in life and start learning.
  2. Go to bookstores, start buying and reading the new books to gain extra knowledge.
  3. Once you read, always remember to put it into action and not keep it in your mind.

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