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Humans are born as a strong and adventurous individual since birth. They always have the curiosity to wonder around whenever they see something new. Best of all, they are not afraid of anything because they have no clue what happens next. As time passes, humans grow to become weaker yet fragile creatures that are broken easily and difficult to be fixed like a glass. In most cases, emotions hit hard on them. When humans start a task and encounter difficult, enduring yet challenging obstacles along the journey, it pushes them to the point that they may face stress. For some, the pressure is just too much to handle that it hurts them physically and emotionally. As a result, they will be down, feeling that they are hopeless and not good enough to excel the task. Finally, the next common step to do is QUIT.

Quit can be looked at the brighter perspective. It is not always a bad thing when it comes to quit especially when one has an implanted unhealthy bad habit. Bad habit consists of smoking, procrastination, accusing others, swearing, lying and so forth. These habits can be created at home, work or social environment and are easily to spread and influence other humans. These are exceptional and encourage for one to quit. Nevertheless, here we focuses on achieving goal and mission perspective. Many individuals find it easier to quit than to fulfill and achieve their goal. They couldn’t handle such painful, pressure and risky attempts that may lead to failures. Most started and quit halfway along the journey. It is like starting a race but give up before crossing the finish line. If you quit, you are just in the dream world that died in the reality world called life.

Quit is the easiest decision to make when you fail or fall. When that happens, you just gave up your life. Imagine playing a game like Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, do you want to win the game? If yes, why? Does it make you feel good about yourselves that you achieve it? Do you wish to lose the game? If no, why? When you lose, does it make you weak or help you grow and enhance your ability? In games, we can keep playing and succeed, but does it apply in real life as well? Do we get second chances? The answer is yes! There is a quote that shares “Quitters will never win and winners will never quit.” It is never about the how, but more to the what. What is next when you fall or fail? What can you do about it?

Life is a gift from god. God gives everybody an equal amount of opportunity to experience life. Pain is not exceptional and measureable as every individual is different who experience different level of pain. Most importantly, nobody likes it, but to dig the beauty out of it is a remarkable and delightful experience. Imagine eating bitter food where you hate it but acknowledge that it provides healthy measurements for your body system. Always look at the finish line, measure the importance of achieving it and never make any excuses to just quit. Take a moment, step back and ask yourself why are you doing this in the first place whenever you encounter such pain. If your why is big enough, you have no reason to give up. I refer quit as not a way to give up, but to Question Unclear Information and Techniques.

Humans are born without any knowledge. Which means that humans do not know everything and nobody in this planet is an expert in all fields. It takes time, effort and commitment to study, learn and grow in every field. Back in school, parents always informed us ask questions if we are unclear and understand the answers right away. Even if you fail, that doesn’t mean is the end. Clarify the areas that needs to be improved, acknowledge the lack of information and focus on techniques that need to be improvised. Every successful entrepreneur and leader started from the bottom and gone through countless pains and sacrifices to be where he or she is at this point. Always remember to never quit and take it one step at a time to reach your goals.



  1. Look back at your goals and analyse the measurements of the why. If is big, keep going otherwise eliminate it.

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