Passion is Your Superpower!

Eric Teh
“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

One of the iconic quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The message defines as every successful leader and entrepreneur achieved his or her goals with the form of passion as one of the ingredients. It’s commonly heard when you are surrounded with new or friends that have not met for a period of time and sometimes it is frustrating as you won’t be able to answer. But what does passion really define as? Like many of you, I felt lost at the beginning and thought that I found my way out from the jungle. However, it misled me to another obstacle where I found myself lost in the jungle once again.

Passion is not a plan or design, it is a feeling and feelings change as you grow. You can be passionate at something temporarily and it changes later. Passion is like a candle where it comes with a strong flaming burning desire and fades away. Here’s a thought, when was the last time you ever watch cartoon series or playing those soft toys? What about cycling or playing sports when you were young? Passion is not a job, a sport nor a hobby as well. Instead, it is a full force of your entire strength, energy and focus that you pay attention to whatever you are facing right in front of you. Stay focus on your long-term passion instead of the short term.

“What do you want to become?” is one of the two most common questions that majority of us encountered. Familiar of it when you were a child till high school that many adults will ask you? And most of the time we always answer the common occupations such as doctors, actors, policeman, accountant, lawyer, fireman and etc. Why? Does your parents expose what are the outside world like when you were young? In my perspective, I will ask “There are so many problems in this world, what problem do you want to solve? Does it sound better and easier? You don’t know what you want or going to do unless you experienced it. Instead, change your focus to the existing problems that you want to solve, experience will be created. Passion does not come to you, you chase after the passion.

“What are you passionate about?” holds the second most commonly asked questions especially during our job interview. My thought at first was why they would question? Weren’t qualifications the main objective for employers to hire people? Imagine finding your true love, at the beginning both get to know each other by learning more about their personal interests and values right? It applies equally in the cooperate world where employers wants to know more about you and what you do outside of work. I graduated with a Computer Science degree but worked in Events, Advertising & Media and Finance field that are not related to my degree. Previously every job requires education qualification and experiences. Now, many interviewers hire well-rounded employees that will benefit the company. Be genuine and share what you enjoy doing during your free time whether is sports, movies, community service or anything that does not involved work.

How to Find and Pursue Passion

It is not difficult for many of us because the secret to find our passion is to know ourselves. Let’s revisit back to your childhood till your presence. What are you good at or some say what are your superpowers or strength? Are there any things that you love to do? If you could do something without getting paid for five years consecutively, what would it be? Curiosity leads you towards your passion. Example,  you want to open a restaurant but lack of business plans and mindset nor understanding how to operate it. There are obstacles but is a stepping stone path of learning. Don’t rush; it takes time to work everything out. Remember, work hard, embrace yourself, start loving yourself and not change yourself to be someone that you are not. Circle and connect with a group of friends who supports you and would like to see you grow.



  1. Go back to your childhood moments and start analysing what you are good at and what you enjoy the most.
  2. Make a “creativity board” and list out all your interests and business that you want to do.
  3. Create a list of people who and where you want to be that help motivate you.
  4. Start taking actions by doing what you love even you don’t have any business plan

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