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Every heartbeat encounters growth in life. Whether is physical, mental, social, emotional or spiritual, one way or another, growth lives inside us. Having mentioned that, what do you understand about growth? There are various meanings that define growth but I personally refer growth as a transformation of the inner-self. A perfect example would be maturity. At what aspects would you define a matured person? By their age or mindset? Some adults are wiser and elder on the outside, but they behave with a childish mindset. While some kids are more knowledgeable based on how they communicate and act upon situations. But growth isn’t all about mindset itself; it is an enhancement of all aspects of the person that maximize such potential in the development of optimistic life skills and development of realistic, strong self-esteem, expanding its intelligence and comfort zone.

Growth can be defined as a evolve version of your past. Growth is one of the keys that bring you one step closer achieving your goals and dreams in the form of success. But one fact that differs from all of us is the form of speed. Some grow faster than others but it is okay. Why? Because we are not the same, we are unique and special in our own ways. Never ever complain and compare but be grateful what you are. All you need to ask yourself is which aspects of life would you want to work that is not working for you or areas of improvement. Start analyzing what are your own strengths and especially weaknesses that are preventing you from reaching out towards your goals and dreams. What do you called these? FEAR!

Fear is always connected in every phase of our lives. We can’t run away from fear but analyze, fight and face it with confidence, faith and courage. Most individuals tend to give up once they encounter defeat ad it comes with various reasons like too risky, painful, depress, frustrating and any negative feelings you can name. Take a step back and see in a bigger picture, who succeeded the task on their first attempt? Nobody! Then why do you quit in the first place? Just because of defeat? Athletes are the perfect examples as every player plays every game to win. In reality, there are winners and losers. However, losers are encourage to look at the brighter side where they have opportunities to improve themselves by not making the same mistakes and accept the temporarily defeat.

Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, once we are able to fulfill all 5 stages of the pyramid about growth, then you will be living in a meaningful, productive and contentment life. Otherwise, start working from the bottom to the top of the pyramid and start initiating your growth. Enhancing personal growth and development is our main objective in life. Without it, everything will fall apart especially relationship with others and self-esteem where individuals suffer emotionally the most. Don’t stop growing and learning, every area is yet to reach its full potential. So don’t stop and continue to find areas that can be improved and produce results efficiently. Remember, you’re not only impacting your own life, but the lives of others along the way.

Everything begins with education. That’s how we learn how to calculate a simple math or understanding what gravity was or writing a formal letter. There are tons of ways you can improve your being such as reading more books, attending workshops or courses, start learning from other successful people and be a continuous learners. But remember that these are just a small partial of the act; the most crucial and important step is to take actions. Without applying or putting it into play, it is meaningless. Another way is how you think, communicate and act upon situations. As I mentioned maturity earlier, people don’t care words, results are much more expensive and is the strongest asset towards success. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or came upon a disagreement, take a step back and analyze the bigger picture before taking any actions.



  1. List down which area or aspects of life that is not working for you and you want to change or improve on.
  2. Start buying and reading books.
  3. Invest yourself in courses or workshops or finding a mentor.
  4. Commit yourself with 100% participation to achieve your goals.
  5. Mix with the right group of friends who supports you.

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