Fear Ain’t In Thy Heart

Eric Teh

If you are a movie lover, does the concept of the story is ever different? Many stories unveils the main character whom faces the most challenging mission that was never done before which involves taking several risks to accomplish. Later on, the main character encounters difficulties and pressure that can no longer go any further. With such high pressure, the easiest way out is to quit and give up. Meanwhile, supporting characters showed up and provide words of inspiration and encouragements for the main character to rise back up and move forward with the word of “faith”. It goes something like “Just a little faith, it’ll all get better.” and Voila~, the determination and the burning desire made the mission accomplished and the end! Sounds familiar?

How about in reality? Ever encounter when you were drag down to the ground and surrounded by massive foam of dark clouds without a single bit of white light? Feeling lost and miserable till the point you don’t want to continue living. Take a step back and listen from what you are saying. Do you have any faith in life? Or better yet, what is faith? Faith defines as having a 100% or complete trust and confidence towards a belief, someone or something that is not based on proof and involves taking immediate actions. Faith stands for “Fear Ain’t in Thy Heart”. In summary, faith is similar as Nike’s slogan, which is “Just Do It”. Without giving yourself any hesitation or thoughts, taking the first step to start believing or initiating the action.

Fear is no doubt human’s greatest weakness and by nature, humans are fragile and always have difficulties in building and finding their confidence to battle against the fear. We had covered what fear stands for here and I’m taking fear to a whole new level here. Would you agree that fear is like a question and you hesitate of not doing something because you don’t know what is the answer? Humans are afraid of something that may or may not happen and might or might not be true. Fear represents the absence of answers whenever you have a question like not knowing what lies inside the dark forest. The only way to answer the question is to enter the dark forest and see it yourself but if you have the fear, it prevents you for retrieving the answers. But ask yourself, what could possibly go wrong aside death?

Hope Vs Faith

We come across hope often especially in conversations among family or friends or even prayers. But what is hope? Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind where it dreams of wanting it in the future without any actions being taken in the present moment. Thus, results are based on expectation and waiting for the moment to happen. Hope is like daydreaming. Let’s say you wish to buy your favourite car and aware that you are unable to afford at the moment. Thus, you pray, wish and hope that you’ll get your car real soon. But without any effort and actions, do you think the car will appear at your doorstep? We are not living in the world of Hogwarts where it magically appears out of nowhere. You can apply the Law of Attractions but without any actions or commitments, there will be no results.

How to Build Faith?

It’s vital to understand where the main root problem comes from that created the fear. Whether is past experience or beliefs that you encounter, you have nothing to lose but will not complete your goals or dreams. Faith is the solution of overcoming the fear and obtains experiences along the way. One of the ways to build faith is to be born again by terminating all past beliefs that you once had and create a new belief system. Mix with the right group of supporters that can help create a new belief system for you. Learn to forgive is another practical methods. Start letting go of the past and forgive those that have caused you nothing but pain. Nobody is carrying such pain, burden and stress more than you do. You may not see but deep down in your heart, you know is true. In conclusion, embrace and do it!



  1. List out what were your past beliefs or experiences you had upon the fear.
  2. Ask yourself “Is this fear keeping you a distance of achieving your goals?”
  3. If yes, create a list of ways how you can make it better now.
  4. Start taking Massive And Immediate Actions!

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