What is your biggest fear in life? No surprise that every individual will have couple of fears in their daily lives. However, what is the true definition of fear and how does one is able to overcome such fear? Fear is simply an unpleasant emotion or thought that the human mind works to create a bad or unfortunate visual or incident that is going to happen. Fears generally make individual feel insecure and lack of positive vibe for them to move forward. From the thoughts, it generates feelings that leads to actions and creates the results. This is known as the manifestation process. We all have the fears but where did all these fears come from? Generally is from past programming when we were young. There are couples of ways that we receive fears such as experience, media, sharing and imagination.


Experience is something that had encountered before and had a bad impact or unfortunate incidents. For example, I have a friend who was sporting, athletic, smart and adventurous but had a fear of balloons. Not knowing the story behind it, it may seem weird for someone to have such fear. But I came across realizing that his past experience was a frightening moment as he nearly gone deaf after blowing a balloon and it just burst right towards his face and shockingly affect his hearing.


Movies, series or short clips that frightens you even if you are not in it. How does such media is able to create fear within us? Visual Effects? Sound? Or you heard from somewhere “learn from other people’s mistakes”. Regardless what it is, most of the movies are fictional and not existence. Both actors and actresses were just playing their job to create an exciting and memorable movie for individuals to enjoy. I once had a fear of drowning after watching the Disney movie “Aladdin” who was tossed down to the river. What happens now? I love diving into deeper ocean and swim like Neptune.


Sharing is one of the biggest influences of one developing their fear. Any individual who shares their own respective point of view of the fear or experience that they personally encounter through social media or a circle or group of individuals in a particular occasion. Many fall into this trap easily because they are using other people’s own experience to prevent themselves from making the same mistake. It is also known as avoiding or escaping it.


This is the main culprit where fear is created. It all starts from the inner mind where one imagines scenarios that may occur but in reality it never happens. It is like the mind is creating misperception or misjudgment possibilities that unable one to think sensibly and logically especially when emotions strikes and thus pulls you down and prevent you from breaking through your comfort zone.

How to overcome fear?

Just Do It! Probably we heard it a lot of times from the slogan of “Nike”. Nevertheless, it is the only solution to overcome the fears. Our mind focuses on one thought at every moment whether is positive or negative. Instead of thinking the negative side, why not think positive. Convert your message and mindset to be more positive. What is FEAR to me? 3 definitions.

False Evidence Appealing Real
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise

Once again, it’s time to start reflecting yourself in every conversation you made with your circle. Why? It is the quickest and optimum way for you to grow and change. Are your words positive or negative? How do you interpret your message to others in any conversation? What you say reflects what you do in life. Some of you are probably having doubts and the “what if” will be the first question appearing on top of your head. What could possibly happen if you actually did it? The most you will die, nothing more. What if there is pain? Heard of the saying “No Pain No Gain”? How about the song entitled “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” by Kelly Clarkson? You can’t stop the fear, but you can control and overcome the fear.

Remember, it does not matter what fear you have, it is all in your mind that is stopping you. Once you are able to surpass and get it over with it, satisfaction and happiness will be waiting for you at the end of the line.



  1. Record down all your fears.
  2. Reflect back your ateny and start analysing which fear is stopping you from achieving your goals.
  3. Start changing your mindset, words and communication from negative into positive.

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