Experience is the Key

Experience is the Key

Experience has been part of my life ever since I became a family member of a Non-Profit Organization called Leo Club for more than 12 years. A brief explanation, Leo Club give youth the opportunity to experience leadership, communication, people and event organising skills while serving the community simultaneously. Over the years, I had learned, endured, obtained and developed countless number of experiences and became the person who I am right now. But what is experience? What is it all about? Is it important? How it relates to success? My definition of experience is actions and our teacher. Recall back when you were an infant, how you are able to walk properly by yourself? How about eating with the chopsticks? Riding a bicycle? Driving a car? We were once a beginner before we became a master.

Natural Talent Vs Skill

Natural Talent defines as the things or ability we do were done naturally without any education or guidance. Skill is ability for individuals to learn and train from a coach or mentor. One example is that some singers are born to sing naturally while others were coach or trained by a mentor.

My Leo Experience

As I shared earlier, through my 12 years of Leo journey, what did I develop? Too many skills and abilities to share but I will name a couple. How many of you remember Windows Movie Maker? I started editing videos using that program but as I grow, I began using Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas and Cyberlink PowerDirector. How about event organizing? Photography? Videography? Reports? Speaking in front of the crowd? Speaking on stage was one of my biggest fears and I dare not even speak in front of 10 strangers. When I am instructed to speak, my mouth is open but no words are coming out from my mouth. Now I speak in a hall filled with more than 1000 audiences without fear.

But how these are related to your life and success? Here is the drill, how many of you were given a task that you don’t know how to do? How about was offer an opportunity but rejected it? Many people question on the how whenever new challenges or opportunities arrive but most are afraid to take the first step. Why is that so? What is the reason behind? Fear of failure!


Failure is the biggest, unavoidable threat that everybody will encounter. Like it or not, it lives within us till the end. But you can do something about it by changing that negative mindset to positive. Failure is growth and temporarily defeat. Remember no such person started out perfect at first on this planet. Many gave up easily once failure occurs which prevents them to achieve their goals. What makes you different than successful leaders? Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, how many attempts and failures he made before became successful? J.K. Rowling, best-selling author of Harry Potter series, how many publishers rejected her before? Colonel Sanders, aged 60, how many rejects he encountered before he founded KFC? What do they have in common? They focus on their goals instead of failures. When you fall, fall forward, rise back up and keep going. “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Next week, I will be covering more about fear and how are you able to overcome it. Remember, it is an opinion, my personal view and experience. You can choose to follow or ignore.



  1. Write down what are your natural talents and skills that you can and enjoy to do (Eg. Hobbies, sports, work)
  2. Look back at your ateny and highlight the steps or actions you should be taking
  3. Do not think and just do it!

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