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Many successful leaders and entrepreneurs shared their secrets upon achieving their goals and dreams. Many are uncovering the missing ingredient that we are lacking. Some may say the brains. Do entrepreneurs have the solution to every problem they face at the beginning? No! How about money? Are you serious? Money is never the main answer as few entrepreneurs prove that one can be successful even with no money. What about hard work? Yes and no, what does hard work really means? Imagine an individual who goes to gym and worked hard to look fit and strong physically. After gym, pain and sore began to run all over the body, which is a good sign as it proofs he was exercising correctly. However, how often he goes to the gym in a week facing the pain and sore again? One of the keys towards success is none other than discipline.

Self-discipline is the key that majority fail to accomplish because surrounded with negative influential or environment and low self-esteem. It is ironic that humans are the main reason that such unhealthy environment existed because none of us was born weak and pathetic. As we grow, we start to collect bits and bits of toxics and poisons from parents, education, society, work and etc. That’s just being selfish as blaming makes you feel good others but doesn’t change anything. Instead take responsibility to figure out what can you do about it. Coming back, what are the main reasons humans don’t discipline themselves to complete a task? Whether it is career, relationships, fitness or health, it has nothing to do of being lazy, procrastinator or giving excuses. Discipline is measure based on the importance and urgency level for an individual to achieve a long-term goal.

Important VS Urgent
What is important and urgent to you? If you plan and organize an effective time management with actions but fail, it means you are still struggling understanding which tasks or goals are important and urgent for you. Many fail to understand the difference between these 2 important key words when it comes to priorities. If is not working for you, trace and analyze back your long-term goals and break it down to short-term goals in order for you to move forward step by step. Ensure your long-term goal is something you want it more than anything else otherwise it is neither important nor urgent for you.

How to Discipline Yourself

Be Conscious

Would you feel lost if you’re driving on the road not knowing where is your destination? Life is equally the same. Wake up and understand the things you want (ateny) otherwise is not worth the time when you’re not fully committed to achieving it. You only live once, so make the best out of it. Dream big, long-term, exciting and goal-oriented targets that fulfills your happiness and contentment. Never play a small game as short-term gain will cause long-term pain. Furthermore, never fulfill the life instead of others such as your parents, best friends, boss or spouse. Start taking ownership living your life instead of the lives of others. You are not a robot but a human with brains and emotions.

Make A Decision

Next step is to plan and organize your schedule in an effective manner to achieve your short-term goals. Set a deadline for every short-term goal to create the urgency and eliminates excuses. If you are having troubles with it, always seek help from people who supports and want you to achieve success together with them.

Take Actions

Without you taking the first step to initiate or execute it, it is useless. For example, after you gain knowledge of a mathematic formula and not applying it, it is equally the same of not gaining the knowledge. Create productive habits such as being hardworking, consistent and persistence in all your actions. Never doubt yourself especially failures as fail signifies as first attempt in learning.



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