Unlock the Ateny

Unlock the Ateny


Ateny? What is it? Is it a word? Sounded like Athens or some places in Greece. Some of you may have started searching for the word in Google and verifying whether the word existed in the dictionary. My personal term that I created which signifies a puzzle that separates into three (3) different words but it all sums up one (1) main truth in life.

What is the hidden meaning behind ateny? whATwhENwhY. Simple and yet you might be (or are) starting to question me ”What does that got to do with finding your life purpose or goals or dreams? How does it relate? Are you fooling around?” If you are the person who is asking these questions, give yourself a hi-5 as you are having the curiosity to learn more. These 3 questions are the main keys that lie hidden in your goals, dreams and life purpose that you do not realize it. Allow me to explain and justify each of them with a clearer yet easy term.

1. What


What is the definition of “what”? Everyday we are using this simple yet easy word to verify with ourselves the specify things or food that we want for a situation. Example, “What to eat? What present should I buy for my family this Christmas? What should I bring for my holiday trip next week? What is the answer that I am not able to achieve my goals?”

“What” is the third strongest word that will help reflect and reveal you. Not only it is one of the strongest words, it is proven to be first main reason why many are not successful. Have you ever sat down in a quiet environment and start questioning yourself WHAT are the things do you really want in your life? WHAT will your life be in the next 10 or 20 years time? WHAT do you want to accomplish? WHAT are the things or person that matters you the most?

Look closely here as I shared multiple things and not just one (1) matter. God gave us a life where we live and die once so utilize and make every last breath worthwhile to fulfill your life without any regrets and sorrow.

2. When

When is the second strongest word and reason why many are unable to build their success path. How do you clarify the definition of when and why do people use it? It is clearly use in a form of urgency and importance of completing a task. This explains why there are datelines or expiry dates where we must complete it before the time or date that were given. Moreover, it also reflects how urgent or important we want to achieve the things that we want in life.

If one person procrastinates, always complain or whining that they do not have the time, ask and reflect yourself whether the things or achievement that you wanted the most, how urgent is it? How fast do you want it? Are you working on your priorities? What have you been doing and whether those things are helping bringing you one step closer towards your goals? If the answer is absolute, by now you have a crystal clear mind and able sort out your time management and priorities properly.

3. Why

819c40d104680525a7c755f8c0a4c55dWhy are you spending your precious time reading all these information? Boom! You know the answer already as we ready to unlock the third strongest word and the biggest of all reasons why success does not follow you. You do not need a degree for this as we started using this word since we were young. “Why” is the number one questioning that people often use in conversations and why is it so? What is it the main reason people use “why”?

It is that simple, to find out and reveal the clarity, understanding and clearness. Example, “WHY do you want a smartphone? WHY do you want to travel around the world? WHY do you want money? WHY do you want kids? WHY do you want investment? WHY do you want to smoke?” If you can’t verify the why with clear yet valid explanation, stop this meaningless act at once! Eliminate the unnecessary matters as it only holds you back and prevent you from achieving what you truly want. It is like an unwanted chewing gum stuck beneath your shoes as you walk time after time, you will collect unnecessary matters along the way.



“Without acknowledging your what-when-why, your future will be meaningless.” – Eric Teh


Items Needed:

• 1 x Paper

• 1 x Pen

Here is an activity for you. I challenge you to write and list down as many things/achievements/goals as you want that will fulfill your purpose and happiness with clear urgency and reasons. There is no cost or limit of having more than one achievement. Start exploring, adventuring and giving yourself a chance to be happy in life.

Here are the 8 categories to assist you:

  • Money & Finance
  • Business / Career
  • Relationships
  • Health & Wellness
  • Recreation / Play
  • Personal Environment
  • Personal, Spiritual & Professional Education
  • Service Contribution

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