Eric Teh is an entrepreneur, certified trainer, author of “Life Sucks!” and speaker that enjoys inspiring people globally to take massive action and take full control of their lives in a fruitful, blissful and healtheir lifestyle. He is passionate about discovering the human behavior, mind, health and personal growth. After heavy research and observations, he believes that every individual has yet to unlock and awaken their ultimate goals and mission in life.

Eric Teh graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science from RMIT University,  Melbourne, Australia. He returned back to his hometown and started seeking for jobs like any ordinary graduated students. For 3 ½ years, he worked in 4 different fields in the cooperate world to only realises that all those fields were his short-term passion and not fullfiling his ultimate life purpose.

At the age of 26, he left his 9-6pm career and started seeking his life purpose that fulfils his lifetime happiness. He searched high and far to look for answers. Travelled and visited areas such as shopping malls, parks, cafes and much more to capture the sparkle but there was no luck. Not until he realized that his 12 years ongoing commitment and contributions towards a Non-Profit Organization called Leo Club started giving him the light bulb. Leo Club is a community service club that offers opportunity for youth to build and experience various leadership, organizing, communication and people skills while serving to the community and society simutalenously. Eric began his Leo journey when he was 15 and started training & speaking to the youth when he turned 23. From the moment he started grabbing the mic on stage and shared his journey and experiences, only then he had the gift to inspire and helped many others who had low self-esteem.

From there, he helped individuals to overcome their fears, build confidence and pursuit their dreams and desire that fulfills their euphoria. With his love and passion, Eric continues to expand his knowledge and education with coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), human development and mindset while travelling around the world, meeting new people and serving others as much as he can as part of his hobbies.