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My Story

Developing Leaders

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Where our education system has shaped students in a rigid system, I want to help students break out from that mould to think for their own. Every student is filled with potential, and I want to see students reach their full potential as inspiring passionate and lively leaders in their own field.

Legacy Builders

In a world where academic excellence is placed above all else, I want to empower students to grow as fulfilled people. By helping them broaden their horizons, I can help them excel in not only their studies but in life and whatever they choose to do. When they can excel in life, they can be leaders that empower the next generation and impact society.

World Movers

They are the leaders of tomorrow who want to make a difference. They dream of a better tomorrow where they can inspire society and make the world an incredible place through their own fields of expertise. They are passionate about life and what it brings.

Growth Transformers

I help students discover who they are. By helping them find purpose and inspiration in life, I help transform and prepare them for great things. I help students see where they are, and help them reach where they need to be through personal breakthrough and self-discovery.

Personal Mentor

Beyond a teacher, I work with you to see your areas of growth and potential. I am open, trustworthy and a friend you can depend on. I am honest about your areas of improvement and will work closely with you to unlock your potential.

Insightful Coaching

Personal coaching is not only about education and academic excellence. I work with students by first looking at their strengths and weaknesses and then helping them with their life plans. I look into insights of their lives before helping them develop themselves into leaders and world changers.

Nurturing Generations

I nurture the next generation of leaders in finding a purposeful path in life. Because when one has purpose, he or she can excel in what they do. I want people to be able to do well and help not only themselves but also others in society. When we can all do well, society improves and so does our way of living.

My Portfolio

Eric Teh is an entrepreneur, certified trainer, executive life coach, speaker and author that enjoys inspiring and empowering individuals globally to take massive action and full control of their lives in a fruitful and blissful lifestyle. His work with organizations of all sizes has given him years of experiences in providing the support needed to help individuals create awareness, clarity, unlocking their potential and find success in all areas. After heavy research, experiences and observations, he believes that every individual has yet to unlock and awaken their ultimate goals and mission in life. Along the journey, he has coached and trained individuals to overcome their fears, build confidence, building a solid based of their business, pursuit their dreams and desire that fulfils their euphoria.



My Book

Life Sucks!

In Life Sucks!: How to find meaning in life, build self-confidence, overcome low self-esteem, and win your dream job, Eric Teh explores the guidance on how life can be transformed into a blissful, meaningful and exciting journey. If you are committed to take risks of making a change and impact in your life, this book has all the answers.

Spear Goals

Forget about finding the perfect solution to achieve your goals – there is no perfect solution because the only solution is to plan effectively and take massive actions to accomplish the results that you desire and having to live the lifestyle that you always wanted. As being quote by Benjamin Franklin – “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

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