Welcoming 2017, What Now?

Wishing all of you a Happy (Belated) New Year! Together we say bon voyage to 2016 as the clock hits 12 midnight and fireworks start to dazzle as we give a big warm welcome to the year 2017. Every beginning of a new year, we age a year elder physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually depends on the individual. Now, it is a good practice that we reflect back what had we goals achieved, lessons learnt and memories kept over the year. Good and bad moments, we should not avoid at our failures but take it as a growth in life. Look on the brighter side as what and how we could have performed it better than we first tried it. “Version 1 is always better than Version 0.” which means that you had taken the courage and first action to walk out of your comfort zone.

Upon tracing back, you would probably had what will be the next stage and * drum rolls * yes, is hand-writing out your New Year’s Resolution or new goals or targets for the new year. Do not pressure or limit yourself, just sit down in a peaceful, no distraction environment and start writing whatever things come straight to your mind. Listening to calm, jazzy instrumental music really do help in the progress. Whatever you do, always remember the gold rule as not compare your goals with the society or network of friends you hang out with. Everyone wants different things and each has their respective ease of pace. No one is allow judging upon what you want to achieve because it is your life and you are the mastermind of your journey. Here are some of the categories that it may apply to some of you.

(1) Exercise

It is one of the hardest tasks to fulfill when one does not have the desire to keep them fit. Individuals are encouraged to let their blood circulate the entire body resourcefully. After work or studies, you can hit to a nearby gym to avoid the traffic jam and spent your time effectively. No excuse if you’re mentally tired as most of the time you are physically fine, you just enable your little voice to shut your body down. Few tips to share are collecting 30 days challenge in your smartphone, pasting your ideal body shape picture in your room and working together with an accountable friend who supports you.

(2) Eat and Drink Healthier

If you live in a country (Malaysia) where food is everywhere, this challenge will be the most challenging task. There is no telling when your stomach will ring you and asking for food. But there are ways that we can eat and drink healthier by understanding the nutrients of every food that we consume. Whether is good or bad, is one of the ways we can take precaution and prevent from any sicknesses. Please do not ban yourself from eating any of the good food as we only live once, thus indulge yourself with the wonderful delicacies once in awhile.

(3) Sleep Sufficiently

Working overtime? Having additional commitments? Insomnia? Trouble sleeping? The list continues but here is a question, if and only if you have a problem, why are you not finding ways to solve it? As mentioned earlier, you decide what and how you want your life to be. Even if you are working extra hours, it does not mean you are prohibited to sleep for 8 hours a day. It is simple but is a challenge to adjust time properly or seeking for consultations. Not sleeping sufficiently or early will also harm your body. Every organ sleeps at a certain time and I strongly recommend that you sleep before 12 midnight.

(4) Keep in Touch with Friends

People we meet will eventually reunite or leave soundly like a flock of leaf. It is not uncommon in human nature where we can’t possibly reconnect all of them. It is only because every individual holds various responsibilities and commitments that time will always be a factor. As time moves forward, so does our lives and goals. However, it is equally important to keep in touch with the people whom you trust and been your supporter in your journey and vice versa. A short hour or two meet up will not cost you anything. Take the initiative to message or call them to catch up with one another as both time and people changes.

(5) Save Money

How do you spend your money? On food, toys (or gadgets), apparels, travelling, education, donation or save it? Any of it is fine for as long you are happy with it. If you are the person who thinks about the future or long-term, then it will be a problem as saving is not sufficient. How much and how long can you save? It is not ethical or close to impossible as price increases every year. You are encouraged to spent few hours in a week to educate themselves with several investments or small businesses in the market. Whether is foreign exchange or stock trading, online business, network marketing, unit trust, property or commodities investment, all are equally good but one must be well equipped with the proper education, choosing the trusted long-term company and working together with the supportive team or partners.

(6) Travel

The world is flat and there are so many wonders to explore. It is such a beauty that god gave us a gift to see things outside from our comfort zone. Successful people spend their time off to travel and see the world. They don’t just travel to enjoy the food, capturing moments at tourist spots or relax, they study the lifestyle of the locals live in, business operation and new gimmicks that does not exist locally. Choose a week or two out of 52 weeks in a year to clear your mind, start exploring and live your life to the fullest. You live and die once, make every second worthy.

(7) Education

Out of every aspect in life, education is one of the most important fundamentals for individual to succeed. Even with a degree or PHD, institutions never taught us how to make money or how to buy our first property or start our business. All these require us to educate ourselves from the people who had already succeeded. Every leader leaves clues along the path if we choose to follow. Did you know that every leader spends their time developing through learning and educating themselves? Some successful leaders were asked, “if they had a superpower, what would it be?” and they replied “the ability to read fast”. Spent your money on education through books or attending workshops, it will be beneficial but massive actions must be taken right after you learnt a new thing.

(8) Volunteer

Have you ever helped an individual who are in need? Whether someone on the street begging for money or an old folk trying to cross the road or an orphan wanting an ice-cream? I understand that some countries don’t seem to be safe as some individuals will take advantage to steal or kidnap. Nevertheless, there are homes or organizations that raise or look after them but lack of sources and cash in a hand. Cold-hearted people think about themselves and complain about the things that they do not have. Be grateful with what we have and make the best out of it. Do me a favor; make yourself a trip to spend quality time with any old folks or orphanage home and receive several lessons from it.

(9) Bad Habits

Are you a workaholic? Smoker? Feeling lazy? Snoozing the alarm? Eating or drinking too much? Look yourself in the mirror and picture yourself what do you usually do when you’re alone or with people. If you can’t name one, you are lying and hiding yourself. In order to overcome such bad habits, you first need to realize what are those habits and start getting rid of it. Here’s an example, if you want to quit smoking, are you committed to do whatever it takes to quit or is just a saying? The difference between someone who is committed and wanting to quit smoking is the will and determination. Action always speakers louder than words and nobody can do anything about it but yourself.

(10) Be Happy

Enjoy the ride and journey! Be happy and avoid any unnecessary sorrow or depression as it doesn’t bring you to where you want to achieve. Watch comedy clips, listen to uplifting high beat music or mixing with the network that makes you happy. Smile always and stay awesome as always!




It is all about writing your new year’s resolution accordingly. If you have further objectives or goals, please feel free to write more. Ensure there are datelines, definition and reasons for every goal and you’ll have a pleasant yet awesome ride in 2017.


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