Success begins with Inner Self

“The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.”

This quote began spreading around the world virally with a speech delivered by William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of United States of America in 1841. People started throwing tantrum over the rich people who are a bunch of greedy scumbags who kept stealing all the money from us. I was once a victim to have that same belief till I came across a book that revealed the secret that the rich knows while the poor doesn’t. Many past successful leaders such as the late Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, Albert Lincoln and so forth had been keeping and hiding the secret from all of us. In 2006 (a decade ago), the secret has been revealed and this one secret, one power and one law which leads to success is called “The Law of Attraction”.

What is Law of Attraction? Imagine it like the Law of Gravity where on earth, things will fall from a high platform such as human jumps out from a building or a fruit up on a tree falls down when it is ripe. However, Law of Attraction doesn’t apply in the outer world, it applies in the inner world which is your mind. What it defines is that whatever is going through your mind, whether is good or bad matters, you are literally attracting it.

Think of it like a magnet where you are pulling those happenings towards you. My experiences where I was able to attract and pull money towards me since March 2016. I told myself internally that I’m a money magnet repeatedly and been receiving free money out of nowhere in the shopping mall and helped to pay for my parking ticket. What surprised me more was that it happened more than 5 times within 6 months time. Accident or lucky? Law of Attraction exists only when you strongly believe it.

Did you know that every thought has its own frequency? I am no scientist but science prove that thought creates frequency. If you are consistently thinking about a matter over and over again, the universe will receive your wishes. It is like Walt Disney’s Movie called The Aladdin where Aladdin found the lamp hidden in the cave and POOF! A genie appears and grants Aladdin only 3 wishes. But in reality, we have unlimited wishes and the universe is our genie.

You may not realize this but you apply the Law of Attraction in your daily life in the wrong way. What seems to be the problem? Problem is that most of you focus the things you don’t want all the time. Focusing on the things that we don’t want, we are afraid of or we want to avoid. Whether is the traffic, accidents, bills, Monday blues, debts, war, relationships, friendship, environment, any negative thoughts or avoidances, you are equally attracting them and what result shows what you experienced from the past. There is a saying “becareful what you wish for” and I always questioned myself what it meant. Now it all makes so much sense after knowing the secret.

People are rich is not because they are smart or work very hard, they kept focusing, thinking and believing positive things that they want with massive actions. This is what we called the process of manifestation. The formula is “thought -> feelings -> actions = results”. I will share more in the next few weeks as a brand new year is about to kick start! Are you excited to welcome the new year of 2017?!



Read a book entitled “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne. Start reading and understanding how Law of Attraction really applies. If you are not a reader, then start watching the film where it is more visualise. Even better, do both so that you have a better and clearer understanding.



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