The Root of Every Problem – Part 2

Recapping from the previous post, I shared that you hold the keys to all the problems that surrounds you. In other words, you are responsible for everything whether is good or bad moments. Wait just a minute! Certain situations are beyond our control (thou shall not be named) but we can still make a difference.

For example, we can start changing our mindset from negative into positive. Negativity is like a virus that spreads around the globe within milliseconds every day. If you find it untrue, ask yourself when was the last time you ever been in a group or gathering where gossips occur during conversations? If you have not, then I wish to congratulate you. I personally encountered many who never fail to complain about how bad or weak is the economy, the boss, their job and so forth. Immediately I verbally smack them in the face and share with them “Instead of spending your time complaining about the economy, why not start building your own economy? If you hate your job, why not just quit and start finding something that you enjoy working?”

Words are cheap, but it is the actions that are expensive. For some, it is the fear of trying something new or not willing to leave their comfort zone. Don’t lost hope and believe that there are no chance to achieve your goals, instead be grateful where you stand and the growth you will be learning. Just to rewind backwards, you are not the main culprit in any of your actions. You are controlled by a little devil, also known as the little voice that lives inside your head. It is none other than your subconscious mind.

We all had studied or probably heard about the iceberg theory by Sigmund Freud where he relates the iceberg that floats on the sea with the human’s conscious & unconscious mind. I would not explain in details but just a brief justification.

Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind, also known as the analytical, takes up 10% of how the human mind works. It holds the power to make decisions based on the present moment that is what we see in the reality world. It receives the data first, exam it next and finally, instantly making a logical decision which is based on our perceptions. For example, you are in charge of cutting the vegetables for dinner. The knife that you are cutting is so sharp that it can cut anything. When you are about to cut, your mind will receive and examine the info that the knife is sharp, thus making it logical for you to be caution upon cutting it properly to avoid any damage of your finger or hand.

Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind, known as automatic pilot, takes up 50% – 60% of human mind. It operates like a memory collection that keeps and retrieve back the info or data easily from the human mind. Example, when someone asks for your Identification Card or Phone Number and you remember it instantly. Ever watched the movie Inside Out by Walt Disney? All recent and memorable memories, beliefs, values, identity, emotions and habits apply in the presence. Compare with conscious mind, subconscious mind uses the heart over the brain but most of the time, the brain commands while the heart obeys it. Just like the short animation film of Walt Disney, Inner Workings. Our subconscious mind enjoys adventure while our conscious mind finds all possible situations before taking action but most of the time, it will remain still. This is where many wishes to expand their comfort zone but afraid to do so.

Unconscious Mind

Finally the mysterious unconscious mind operates 30% – 40% of the human mind. It works similarly like the subconscious mind where it keeps all the memories that had happened. However, the memories are all the bad and unnecessary matters that needs to be remember such as fear, selfish needs, shameful moments, irrational wishes, addictions or any traumatizing moments that will trigger us to be afraid of. Most people can’t recall memories are kept here and requires a big impact for them to remember back. This is where one who had bad experiences or phobia and unable or having difficulties overcoming it since birth.

Share with you a simple story; a young elephant performs at a circus had one of its legs tied with a chain to avoid it from running away. The baby elephant tried to run away yet when it pulled the chain, it will hurt its’ leg no matter how hard it tried. As it grew elder, one of the legs was still tied but tied with a rope. The elephant was big enough to escape easily but it didn’t even bother to attempt to run. Why? Because its mindset was its leg hurts whenever it tried to escape by pulling since young. Thus ideally it recalls that whenever the elephant was tied, it will not run away no matter what. And this applies to all individuals out there who has this problem.

Now that you understand clearly where it all begins. In the next topic, I will introduce a famous law that everybody must acknowledge it before proceeding further.



It is going to be a challenging activity that requires emotions, braveness and seriousness. To take this challenge, I recommend you to find a trustworthy partner, friend or family member who supports and willing to help you.

Couple of Rules:

  • Find a quiet and peaceful place with absolutely no distractions and noises
  • Sit down up straight
  • No interruptions from your partner
  • Share your bad experiences and phobia with every bit of details using your heart
  • If you tear, keep going and forbid yourself from wiping any tears and hugs from your friend till the very end
  • Your partner will share words of wisdom and supports at the end of the exercise
  • End it with a warm hug

At the end of the activity, you are able to overcome your own problems independently and moving out of your comfort zone. Remember to be honest with yourself and ensure your partner is trustable and supportive of your future and achievements.


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