Happiness = Success

Everyday, you are bound to see hundreds of smiles and happiness blooming in people’s faces everywhere. Conversely there are some who are drown with sadness and you cannot stop questioning yourself why. What is happiness? Happiness comes with two (2) components. One expresses positive emotion such as joy, pride, love and contentment while the other is based on fulfillment or satisfaction upon achievement. Individuals have their own form of happiness. A few examples include family, food, travel, hobbies, pets, community service, gadgets, apparels and etc.

Happiness Vs Wealth

If you have to pick between happiness and wealth, which would you choose? I personally would have chosen both but happiness defeat all other aspects of life. “Money is not important?” NO! Wealth is equally important but happiness plays the biggest role when it comes to success. I witnessed many wealthy individuals who can afford to buy everything as they achieve financial independence. Sadly when it comes to the state of happiness, they failed miserably. Why? Some die young yet rich as they focus their entirely time building their wealth profile. Are you planning to follow their footsteps?

Happiness is Health

By being happy, you can rest assure that you will lengthen your life span and sickness will never exists in your list ever again. It is proven by psychologists and scientists worldwide that we can fight any form of diseases when our emotion is always kept on the status of happiness and positive at all times. Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises to help individuals to stay positive and happy. Ever wonder how the monks are able to live a longer life span compare to those who are wealthy? Monks are humans as well which means they can be sad too, however how are they able to endure the pain? “Happiness is not a choice but a feeling and feeling is not controllable but thinking is.”

Control Your Thoughts

Imagine yourself carrying a toddler on your shoulders, do you feel comfortable when it’s crying or being joyful? Frankly speaking I hate whenever a child cries (Please don’t hate me. It’s my personal view and opinions that I’m unable to handle the noise), I will do whatever it takes to make it happy once again. As I shared earlier, the toddler can only be happy through the emotion (making it laugh or giving a warm love hug) or fulfillment (either cleaning the diapers or feeding the stomach). Same thing for us grown ups too! We can’t be forced but we can turn things around to be happy. Whenever you’re feeling down, find alternative ways to bring yourself back up. The deeper you enter, the darker you will see.

How to find Happiness

“What makes you happy?” Many are struggling and feeling clueless figuring out their own joy, but the answers are already answered. You may not realize but am 200% sure everybody have a couple of lists that makes you happy. “What activities do you enjoy the most during your free time right now and when you were young that excites you and giving the feeling of being in joy? Spend some time answering yourself especially when you were young. Loosen yourself and not take things too serious in life. It is all about balance and utilizing your time with something you enjoy doing. Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day everyday to do anything that excites and makes you happy. Whether is watching your favorite movie or TV series genre, playing sports, shopping, eating or playing games.

How to maintain Happiness

We are humans with emotions for heaven’s sake; there are always up and down moments and the challenging obstacle is how can we consistently endure the challenge. First and foremost, start letting go of the negativity/past and start living in the present. Whatever happens in the past was history, what happen next decides your future. Second, start surrounding yourself with a troop of happy yet supporting individuals who will be there for you. Being alone doesn’t bring you far yet easily targeted by darkness. But what if you’re alone and you can’t help it? Start listening back to all your songs that excites and gives the crazy upbeat that allows your feet to move and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Finally, start loving yourself. Do I need to justify it? If you can’t even love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?



  1. List what activities do you enjoy doing that makes you happy (Past & Present).
  2. List all your favourite songs, movies or tv series that you enjoyed listening/watching.
  3. Start hanging out with the right groups of people.
  4. Start loving yourself and learn how to have inner peace.

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