24 Hours, Your Time is Up

“How was your day? What did you do? Did you have a good time?” See now these are the common questions people normally would ask to create a conversation. But what will be your reply? “It’s alright. It’s ok. Not much but spent time with family. Stay at home.” With so many possible replies, I had been receiving such that could be dull, bad or normal but rarely getting any exciting response. Is life meant to be dull or meaningless? Why not live your lives to the fullest with productivity? Personally I too was once in that circle where my life seems normal in a day everyday. Time is ticking and all are starving for success but we slack or postpone it some other time.

Everyone is given the same equal amount of time per day by god. As time passes, so is our age and we are one step closer to hold our last breath on earth. There is no turning back in time and what had happened in the past stays in the past. Whether you would agree with me or not, but time is the main important and valuable key in our lives. Successful people too have 24 hours a day but what is the secret that they know that we don’t? How do they manage their time? What are their activities? The only difference between them and us is that they understand the following key elements to become successful.


What is the first thing you do after open your eyes? Snoozing the alarm clock and head back to bed. Caught you red handed! It’s a genuine bad habit to begin with and many are still attached to this habit. After you are fully awake, what is your itinerary for the day? Have you ever thought what are you going to do? Do you plan your activities at the start of the day every day? If you have goals and dreams and not focusing on achieving it, then it is going to be dream for the rest of your lives till you do something about it. Dreams don’t come straight to you; you got to start chasing it. It is like playing tennis in a match where the ball doesn’t come to you, you chase after the ball otherwise you will lose the game.

Urgent Vs Important

“This is stressing me out! I have no time! I am tired!” Wait, did you drop out of high school? What is urgent? What is important? Can’t differentiate both of them? You have a choice to make and force does not exist in the dictionary. Nobody can force you to make a decision except your own core values and principles. When someone invites you out for a drink, before you decide, asks yourself is it urgent? Is it important? How about when someone precious to you met an accident, what will be your decision? There is no right or wrong answer. You hold the power to decide whether is it worth sacrificing your time for it. Reflect whether these activities are delaying you from achieving your goals. Successful leaders had been sacrificing their short-term happiness for a longer-term happiness. Are you up for the challenge?


“Now is not the right time. Maybe tomorrow, next time or next year.” Is it an excuse or reason? What are you waiting for? Not now then when? Are you escaping the reality? Are you running away from your dreams? I learned the true definition of procrastination from a motivational leader and coach, Eric Thomas. He shared that procrastination does not exists in the dictionary. It is only the matter of both important and urgent of your purpose whether you desperately need it. It is not a new virus to me as it had been pulling me back for months. But Eric Thomas gave me a clear path as to what I really need to do for the rest of my time. Keep reminding yourself that every day passes by very fast.

Time Suckers

Social Media? Games? Comics? Shopping? Sleeping during the day? You can name any unnecessary activities that do not benefit you, your time and goals. These are all the time suckers or also known as “distractions” that eat your time, deliver a short-term happiness and procrastination is created in your dictionary. Congratulations! Not! These are bits and parts of forming procrastination and will do whatever it takes to pull us away from us achieving our dreams. This is the most dangerous threat and must be terminated immediately at all costs. Let me clarify with clarity, I’m not saying that we are forbid to do all of these activities. We can but we must have the self-discipline and control to stay on track and not let these short-term happiness take advantage.


Multi-tasking is a gift yet a curse. I had develop the skill to multi-task when I was in college and thought it came in handy when I came out to the cooperate world. But later on I found out that it was handy but at the same time, it is also a poison or curse. Why is it so? Imagine you are bowing with an arrow, trying to hit the target while simultaneously you are talking on the phone. What is the rate that you will get a bull’s eye? Definitely low! Why? Because there is no laser focus! You are not focusing and giving a 100%. Start focusing on your priority and important task at a time before moving to the next task.



  1. Get a daily planner or install in your smart phone and start making a habit to plan your activities for the day everyday.
  2. Identify what are your time suckers and start eliminating them one by one.
  3. Stop Multi-tasking and start focusing one task at a time.
  4. Stick your goals in your room and start shouting out repeatedly to generate the urgency and fulfillment.


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